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Google Data Studio is a beautifully presentable and shareable way of promoting your business data

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Why Should You Use Our Templates?

By now you’ve heard of Google Data Studio and you’ve probably dabbled in creating your own template.  If you’re like us, you’ve no doubt quickly realised that their is a lot of time involved in producing something that meets clients needs and looks good!

We know that your time is your most important asset, so we’ve spent the long hours and are offering high quality, pre-built templates for a super low price.  If you like any of our templates for a small fee, they can be yours to keep forever and customise further with your own branding.

We think this is an easy choice.

Google Data Studio Templates

Good digital marketing and successful eCommerce is founded on a robust understanding of analytics and search performance data. Google Data Studio turns your raw data into metrics and dimensions, allowing you to tell great data-driven stories and make smart business improvement decisions based on valuable insights.

The problem is, where do you start? Google Data Studio is powerful but, it’s time-consuming to set up and difficult to configure a dashboard that interprets your data correctly and tells you what you need to know to make tactical changes and drive improvement.

For a small price, you can buy our pre-built dashboard templates that are designed from the ground up to give you absolute clarity around your SEO, social media marketing, website traffic, Google AdWords performance and so much more. We’ve spent the time on building templates that pull all of the critical metrics into one place so that you can devote more time to making improvements and less time trying to interpret masses of raw data.

Our templates use beautiful data visualisations that make the complex simple. You’re going to love sharing our dashboards with clients who will appreciate the depth of information, stunning design and ease of interpretation. Tell big-picture stories about performance over time or get granular on specific keyword performance, the choice is yours, and it’s now only a click away.

SEO Templates

Search Engine Optimisation is Google’s language of relevance. Improving your SEO can be complicated due to the many different moving parts and initiatives that you undertake to improve search performance. Having all your SEO metrics in one place, allows you to drive real-time improvement easily.

Google AdWords Templates

AdWord campaigns are brilliant for generating traffic. However, they can be complex and expensive if robust data analytics does not accompany them. Our templates allow you to quickly see how your ads are performing so that you can invest more where it matters and reduce cost by culling spend in non-performing areas.

Social Media

Understanding how your audience engages with your brand is fundamental to successful digital marketing across all channels. Our social media templates pull in valuable audience insights from multiple channels displaying them beautifully in the one place so that you can grow your audience, build online communities and get more people talking about your brand.

Website Traffic

Website views are more than just quantitative numbers. While it’s great to know those numbers and see how they have improved over time, what’s even more valuable are the subtleties of your visitor’s behaviour, origin, demographics and other behaviour-based dimensions. Our website traffic templates provide you insights into all of this and more.

We know what the critical metrics are for running a successful website or eCommerce platform. We’ve designed all of our templates with this knowledge in mind, ensuring that you’re equipped to drive continuous improvement and grow your business. However, we know that no one understands your business like you do and this is why all our dashboards are customisable which allows you to tweak and build on them to suit your specific needs.

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