How It Works

Using your new Google Data Studio Template is super simple and takes only a few minutes. The whole point of this website is to help get you up and running with an easy to use template in minutes and for a very low price. Rather then spend hours designing your own, you can find one you like and be up and running in minutes.

It’s as easy as selecting the template you want from our Gallery and purchasing it through our cart. We will then email you with a link to the template, open the email, make a copy of the template and you are ready to go. We’ve outlined this below in 6 really easy visual steps.

Step One

Preview the template by clicking the ‘View Demo’ button.  This will open the template in a new tab in your browser This will allow you to view the actual template, but not edit it.  Here is an example template.

Data Studio How to Step 1

Step Two

If you are happy with the template, navigate back to the previous tab and click the ‘Buy Now’ button to purchase the template. The template will then be added to your cart.  Following this you can navigate to your cart in the top right hand corner and ‘checkout’.  On the checkout screen you will be prompted to purchase with your paypal account

Step 2

Step Three

After purchasing the template, you will receive an email from, with a link to the editable version of the template.  Click the blue ‘Open’ button. Below is an example of how the email you receive will look

Step 3

Step Four

A new browser tab will then load the new template in Google Data Studio. Please make a copy of the template.

Step Five

Choose a new data source for your new template.  This should be the data source that you want to connect to the report.  For example if it is an AdWords report, you should connect with your relevant AdWords account.  If it is an analytics source, then connect ot your Analytics account.  Ensure that your Google login is the same login for your AdWords or Analytics account  Then click, ‘create report’.

Step 5

Step Six

You will now be taken to the Edit view in your new template.  Here you can decide to edit any of the elements in your template. We recommend at least adding in your logo.  To do this,

  • select the logo placeholder and delete it.
  • Then select the image icon
  • Draw an area where you want your logo to sit
  • Upload your logo from your computer
Step 6