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404 Pages not found tracker

404 Pages not found tracker

Created By: Mehdi Oudjida



This one-page template is made to understand what have caused peaks of 404 pages not found, and point first insights to solve it.
Designed as a tool, a settings section allows you to select your date range but more importantly:

  • How you identify page not found on the concerned website (which text is present in the page title : “404”? “not found”? “Page Unavailable”?),
  • Wich date rage,
  • Which Google Analytics to use as traffic data

Then, a set of charts will help you to understand progressively the reasons of the errors and some clues to stop it:

  • When occurs the peaks of errors?
  • The origin is internal or external?
  • The 404 pages not found errors affect specific marketing channel?
  • Which pages are requested ?

This template focus on a specific but recurring concerns for all your websites if you work in-house or for all your clients as an agency.

To take advantage of it:

  • You can choose just to change the logo of the report,
  • Dig deeper and adapt the styles & the layout,
  • Or make this template completely your own report and include it in your existing report, just changing the connection of the used data source of Google Analytics demo account to yours, as described in the instructions included in the report

Pro tip: Combine this Data Studio template with a daily Google Analytics custom mail alerts, adapted to each website traffic, triggered when the number of page not found views exceeds a defined limit