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Ad Platforms Dashboard from GDocs

Ad Platforms Dashboard from GDocs


Dissect your LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads accounts to gauge their performance. Make informed decisions in the way you use ad money based on the trends that are clearly portrayed in the report.

The dashboard is arranged to display similar dimensions and metrics from LinkedIn and Google Ads. See your e-commerce performance from both a macroscopic and microscopic perspective.

No more gambling with ad money based on intuition. Use this beautifully-designed Google Data Studio template as a basis for improving your online business.

Step by step instructions with pictures on how to set up the report are provided on page 2 and 3.

This report is best for e-commerce businesses that run LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads.

Connections: Google Ads and Google Analytics

Set up Difficulty: Hard

E-commerce Tracking: Yes

Goal Tracking: No


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