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Adwords Performance Report – Jaffa

Adwords Performance Report - Jaffa


monthly $30.00


See how your Google Ads campaigns are doing on a monthly basis.

The Google Data Studio report begins with an account overview by showing display performance and search performance across desktop and mobile devices.

For each device and ad type, the report shows clicks, cost, conversions, and other high-impact metrics.

Page 3 shows brand search campaigns. This includes an overall campaign performance, devices, and demographics.

Page 4 shows the overall campaign performance, devices, and demographics. It also shows non-brand search campaigns.

Use this well-designed dashboard to optimize future Google Ads campaigns for maximum ROI through well-presented reporting.

This report is best for businesses that want to see their Google Ads performance on a daily basis.

Connections: Google Ads

Set up Difficulty: Medium

E-commerce Tracking: No

Goal Tracking: No



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