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All in One Analytics Dashboard

All in One Analytics Dashboard

Created By: Michael Howe-Ely

$70.00 or $30.00 / month

monthly $30.00


This Google Data Studio template is an “All in One Analytics Dashboard”.

It combines three different data sources into one report;

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Google Search Console

It has six pages focused on different analytics data.


  • Overview of Google Analytics, Google Ads, Search Console Data
  • Google Analytics Traffic
  • Google Analytics Demographics
  • Google Analytics Ecommerce
  • Google Ads
  • Search Console

This report is ideal for someone wanting one single report that shows how their website is performing (Google Analytics), how their online store is performing (Ecommerce), how their PPC or Search Engine Marketing is performing (Google Ads, formerly AdWords) and to monitor their SEO performance (Search Console).

2 reviews for All in One Analytics Dashboard

  1. Hugo

    This was such a great complete and helpful template, definitely saved me a lot of time and got me what I needed to understand and improve my website traffic.

    All templates here are amazing, definitely worth the investment.

  2. brian

    Guys, this analytics dashboard is awesome, but i don’t find the same data from search console and the dashboard. Are you sure it’s correct ? Could you help me to check before buying it ?

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