Complete Digital Analytics Dashboard for Mobile

Complete Digital Analytics Dashboard for Mobile


Looking for a Google Data Studio template with which you can present your data beautifully and easily on any mobile screen? Look no further! This dashboard provides you with a very complete view of many different digital channels. It consists of 17 pages and various topics. It also contains a menu-structure which feels like a modern application on your phone.

Out-of-the-box it connects to Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Search Console for a very complete overview. You can customize and expand the dashboard to your needs. All blocks, images, graphs, and other elements are reusable. Don’t want to customize? No problem! This dashboard is completely ready to use once you connect your data sources.

Dashboard content
The dashboard contains the following pages:

  1. Menu page
  2. Overview *
  3. Website content *
  4. Traffic sources *
  5. Conversions *
  6. E-commerce *
  7. Google Ads *
  8. Search Console *
  9. Search Console – Pages
  10. Help

All pages with a * are actually two pages. On the first page, all data is compared to the previous period (POP) and on the second page, the data is compared to the previous year (YOY).


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