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Detailed Google Analytics Ecommerce Dashboard

Detailed Google Analytics Ecommerce Dashboard


This is a two page report for understanding your Google Analytics Ecommerce data.

The main metrics focused on include;

  • Pageviews
  • Product Detail Views
  • Product Detail Views / Pageviews
  • Product Adds To Cart
  • Cart-to-Detail Rate
  • Product Checkouts
  • Quantity
  • Buy-to-Detail Rate
  • Product Revenue

Page One

A customizable table that allows you to Drill down into Source / Medium, Source and Medium and a variety of metrics.

A second table lets you look at these same metrics by Product Category.

Page Two

The second page highlights geographic data, showing a world map displaying various metrics by country. A tree map chart shows various metrics by Product Category.

There are additional tables and charts to help you better understand your Google Analytics Ecommerce data.


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