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E-commerce monthly SimpleDash

E-commerce monthly SimpleDash

Created By: SimpleDash



This SimpleDash is for e-commerce websites comparing traffic and revenue of last month vs the month before.

There are 5 pages: new vs returning user, source, user behavior, device type,  and geography.

  1. New vs returning user: Compare results between new and returning users over the last month and the revenue you get from them
  2. Source: Understand where users come from to get to your website
  3. Device type: Figure out what devices your users are on and the revenue from them
  4. User behavior: See what users do on your website and what your most popular pages are
  5. Geography: Look at where users are located in the world and the US to better understand who’s on your website


We didn’t overcomplicate this monthly e-commerce SimpleDash and just wanted to give you a quick and easy way to better visualize your numbers. Our goal is to make the most simple and easy to understand dashboards possible.


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