Enhanced Ecommerce Dashboard



This is an Enhanced Ecommerce Dashboard designed to display vital information for websites that have set up Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking. This report gives deeper insights into product sales and revenue including year on year graphs of revenue, purchases and revenue per purchase.

Top level traffic source and medium data reporting is included as well as new vs returning customers and demographics by country. The country reporting could be localised to breakdown regions within a single country if preferred. This is generally quite an easy adjustment to make in Google Data Studio.

A full range of Google Data Studio filters are also present in the enhanced ecommerce report so you can easily view statistics based on date range, GA profile, device, country and much more.

View the demo here

Check out the light version of this report here

Connections: Google Analytics Connection Only

Set up Difficulty: Easy

Ecommerce Tracking: Yes

Goal Tracking: No


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