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GA User Behavior Analytics — StyleMetrics PRO “X1 Alpha”

GA User Behavior Analytics — StyleMetrics PRO "X1 Alpha"

Sold By: Intraspire


“…replace your monthly client reporting with more ease than you probably thought possible.”

StyleMetrics PRO is an exciting new line of templates available only at Data Studio Templates. We merge your favorite reports with the best that Google Data Studio can offer. In a matter of minutes, you could be looking at a 4-page report with familiar metrics from a perspective only possible with professional data visualization.

Replace Your Monthly Client Reporting with Live Dashboards

If you are not interested in design. It can be tweaked to replace your Monthly client reporting with more ease than you probably thought possible.

The dashboard uses Google Analytics data to show best-performing pages by pageviews, event tracking, and much more. The User Behaviour Dashboard also pulls site search data and gives helpful insights into how users are navigating your website.

Google Data Studio Dashboard showing Partial Google Analytics User Behavior Example

Powerful Plug-and-Play Template

This Data Studio Template is designed to offer a simple way to set up beautiful data visualization reports with a few clicks of a button. These reports are ready-to-go out of the box.  X1 Alpha is the most powerful plug-and-play template we’ve built yet!

Extremely Customizable: X1 Alpha Perfect for other Data Sources

Due to their simplicity as a single-source Google Analytics report, it’s much easier to customize the report with different metrics, dimensions, and thousands of potential Datasources.

Pro-Tip: You can add Data Control to this report to create a single report with all of your Google Analytics clients.

X1 Alpha Template: Forged in an International Collaboration

StyleMetrics PRO templates are an international collaboration between Data Studio Templates and Intraspire. This Australia-USA collaboration continues to produce the best Google Data Studio Products in the world.


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