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Google Ads Agency Report – Comprehensive

Google Ads Agency Report - Comprehensive

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  • Data Source Connections
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  • We add your branding & provide design changes.
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support
  • Direct access to Data Studio Experts
  • This template plus two other eligible templates
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Ongoing subscription fee
Template included free
Seamless, convenient service
Data sources connected
Data hosting and management
Customization: branding and minor design changes.
Always keep your template up to date with ongoing support and updates.

$150.00 or $30.00 / month


The ‘Google Ads Agency Report – Comprehensive’ – is exactly as it is described.  It’s designed for agencies, small and large to present results to their clients.  It is comprehensive in that it includes 6 pages of information on Google Ads performance, also pulling relevant information from Google Analytics.

The report is designed specifically for agencies.  It includes an area for the agencies logo, as well as the client logo.  This allows it to be co-branded.  It also includes text areas for the agency to include information about themselves and their services, essentially allowing the agency to showcase extra information.  It also includes a section the ‘summary’ page, to include commentary on the report.  We recommend using this for monthly updates.

The report contains 6 pages which are easily accessible via links included on the report itself.  There is no need to access Data Studio’s menu bar.  The 6 pages include comprehensive information regarding the Google Ads campaign, including landing page and competitor reports.  The summary page is perfect for providing an overview of campaign performance (with commentary), each subsequent page contains extra info. for clients should they wish to drill deeper into performance.

The report also includes 4 easily accessible filters along the top, allowing for quick filtering of key dimensions.

Design is a key element of this dashboard, packing in loads of information yet remaining extremely user-friendly for agency clients to be able to intuitively use with very little training.

In order to setup this dashboard we recommend adjusting the following on all pages:

  1. Add your clients logo in the header
  2. Add your agency logo in the footer
  3. Edit text boxes in the sidebar and footer with information specific to your agency
  4. Add in commentary on the summary page


  • Connections: Google Ads & Google Analytics Connection
  • Set up Difficulty: Easy
  • Ecommerce Tracking: No
  • Goal Tracking: Yes
  • Who is it for?: Designed for agencies that have Google Ads clients and want a professional, comprehensive report covering Google Ads and also some GA aspects

1 review for Google Ads Agency Report – Comprehensive

  1. Steve Calogera (verified owner)

    This report template was a game changer. I’m still growing, and a full-featured system like NinjaCat is cost-prohibitive for me right now, and to be frank, I suck with Data Studio. This template gave me the foundation for an agency report my clients were blown away by.

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