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Google Ads Spend Calculator

Google Ads Spend Calculator

$30.00 or $30.00 / month

monthly $30.00


Are you running a Google Ads campaign and trying to work out how much you should be budgeting daily? The Google Ads spend calculator makes this process easy. Once you have added in your monthly budget, the Ad Spend calculator calculates how far ahead or behind you are from your target on a daily basis. It then tells you how much more or less you should be spending per day in order to hit your monthly target. Since Campaign budgets are set per day, the calculator tells you what you need to spend per day.

This template will help you keep an eye on your campaign spends and ensure that you don’t go over or under budget. There is no need to log into Google Ads and manually work this out. Never worry about budget mistakes again!

We have included detailed instructions within the template, which should only take a few minutes to setup.

Stay tuned for an Advanced version of this template which will include budget tracking for multiple platforms as well as allowing you to calculate budgets for campaigns that do not spend on the weekend.

Connections: Google Ads, Google Sheets

Set up Difficulty: Easy

Ecommerce Tracking: Yes

Goal Tracking: No

Who is it for?: Agencies


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