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Google Ads Weekly Newsletter (scheduled email)

Google Ads Weekly Newsletter (scheduled email)

Created By: Louis Dubruel
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What if you create a dashboard but your users stop using it after 2 weeks ? 🙁 Let’s keeping contact with them on a weekly basis by sending a newsletter with fresh previous week data, thanks to the feature Schedule Email Delivery of Reports in Data Studio.

As in email marketing, this form of communication allows you to maintain contact with users by sending a newsletter. This high-performance, measurable and customizable means of communication can be implemented in both B2B and B2C fields.

How to duplicate this dashboard  :

  • Go to top right and click on the duplication button
  • Choose your own Google Ads datasource
  • There’s some blended data in this newsletter, but it will be set automatically
  • In tables, I make custom calculation to get variations between last week and previous week.
  • Change the background, the color and the font, according to your graphic charter.

How to send a schedule email :

  • On your Data Studio, click on the arrow beside the “Share” button > Schedule Email Delivery
  • Add recipient’s email and set a schedule

Try to send it to yourself first

1 review for Google Ads Weekly Newsletter (scheduled email)

  1. Hugo (verified owner)

    Great template, very easy to use and customize.
    Awesome job with this, I wish there would be others like it

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