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Google Analytics – Traffic and Ecommerce Geographic Report

Google Analytics - Traffic and Ecommerce Geographic Report


This is a three page report focusing on Site Traffic and Ecommerce data from Google Analytics.

All three pages feature two Google Maps showing various metrics by geographic location.

Page One – An Overview of key website visitor and Ecommerce metrics and dimensions.

Page Two – A specific focus on site traffic. Metrics include Users, Sessions, Page Views, Bounce Rate, Avg. Order Value and Total Events.

Page Three – A focus on Ecommerce metrics. These include Transactions, Product Detail Views, Product Adds To Basket, Product Checkouts, Avg. Order Value and Product Revenue.

Note: The Google Maps feature a custom field for each specfic location called ‘City, Country’. To replicated this field for your own Google Analytics data simply create a custom field with the formula: CONCAT(Town/City,”, “,Country).



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