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HubSpot Content Marketing Performance

HubSpot Content Marketing Performance

Created By: Supermetrics



Here’s how you can use the template:

  1. Create an account at Supermetrics by clicking here
  2. Make a copy of the template by first adding it to your cart and checking out. (don’t worry it’s free!)
  3. To select the data source, click “Create new data source”
  4. Search for a connector called “HubSpot by Supermetrics”

Learn how your blog is performing with this HubSpot content marketing performance dashboard.

You’ll see:

  • A content marketing funnel showing how many contacts, leads, opportunities, and customers your blog has generated
  • Blog page analytics showing how each article is performing
  • Blog performance overview showing how your blog is performing in general

This Google Data Studio report template for HubSpot data focusing on key metrics including:

  • Page views
  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Customers
  • Blog post published
  • Blog post views
  • Subscribers
  • Submissions

Connections: Supermetrics

Set up Difficulty: Easy



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