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Linkedin Ads with Supermetrics

Linkedin Ads with Supermetrics



The ‘LinkedIn Reporting Dashboard for Google Data Studio’ shows your campaign performance at a glance.  It allows you to see the key metrics from your LinkedIn Ad Campaigns.  This includes Impression, clicks & conversions.  It’s ideal for a high level report and a great way to present performance to managers.
The template works using a supermetrics connector, which means you will need to subscribe to supermetrics in order to use it. If you would prefer not to use a 3rd party connector like supermetrics (which has a monthly cost), we have another version of this which requires a manual data export from linkedin ads to Google Sheets.

Here’s how you can use the template:

  1. Create an account at Supermetrics by clicking here
  2. Make a copy of the template by first adding it to your cart and checking out.
  3. To select the data source, click “Create new data source”
  4. Search for a connector called “Linkedin Ads by Supermetrics”
  • Connections: Linkedin Ads via Supermetrics
  • Set up Difficulty: Easy
  • Ideal for: Anyone using Linkedin Ads and looking for a great way to share performance with stakeholders