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Marketing Funnel With Google Analytics

Marketing Funnel With Google Analytics

$49.00 or $30.00 / month

monthly $30.00


The marketing funnel dashboard allows you to visualise your user traffic through the ‘marketing funnel’ concept.

The data is fed directly in from your Google Analytics account.  The dashboard analysis your traffic through the steps of Acquisition, Engagement, Lead, Sale’.

This is an important way to analyse traffic as it helps you breakdown how much traffic you have at each stage of the marketing funnel as well as the quality of this traffic and a greater understanding of how to better market to each stage of the funnel.

Note that there is some setup involved. You will be required to define what is considered a lead and a sale. We have clearly outlined this process in this 1 minute video.

View our how to guide and detailed breakdown of this template here

Connections: Google Analytics

Set up Difficulty: Medium

Ecommerce Tracking: Yes, optional

Goal Tracking: Yes
Who is it for?: Designed for marketers looking for a better understanding of their website traffic and how to market to each stage of the funnel. Online Marketing experts, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs)

1 review for Marketing Funnel With Google Analytics

  1. Michael Piotrowski (verified owner)

    The “Marketing Funnel With Google Analytics” Template for Google Data Studio helped us to set up our own marketing funnel dashboard within minutes. We are using this data for our weekly marketing meetings.

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