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PPC Competitor Analysis Dashboard – SEMRush & Google Auction Insights

PPC Competitor Analysis Dashboard - SEMRush & Google Auction Insights

$30.00 or $30.00 / month

monthly $30.00


This report is designed to help marketers that are running PPC campaigns gain insight on competitor strategies.  The report taps into 2 sources of information: SEMrush and Google Auction insights.
To access the SEMrush insights you will need to export SEMrush data into a Google Sheet.  The process to do this is clearly outlined on the instructions page.  Once completed, the competitor data is displayed professionally on the page.  You can easily see your competitors keywords, CPC trends, ad titles and descriptions.  This is all rolled up into a visually appealing report.

The report also connects to your Google Ads account allowing you to view auction insights data in a novel way.  Within Google Ads auction insights are displayed as a table.  The report maniuplates this data into graphs to allow you to visualise how your ads are interacting with competitors in the auction.  We’ve also split this into brand vs non-brand graphs.  This allows you to see how competitors are bidding on your brand and how this has changed over time.

Connections: Google Ads & SEMrush export to Google Sheet

Set up Difficulty: Medium

Ecommerce Tracking: No

Goal Tracking: No

Who is it for?: Agencies

Sample Data Sheet for SEMrush


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