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Premium Report Data Quality Check

Premium Report Data Quality Check

Created By: DASE Analytics



Stop making decisions based on wrong data! Find out if you collect correct data in your Google Analytics account.

Be data-driven

At DASE we strongly believe that right and transparent data are necessary for data-driven marketing and business decisions. We are here to help you with that. We did hundreds of Google Analytics audits. Based on this experience we were able to identify the most common mistakes. Thanks to this report, you will find out:

  • Quality of data in your Google Analytics
  • Goals settings
  • Ecommerce settings

Do you want to know more about analytics maturity and data-driven marketing? Take a look at our blogpost.


  • Connections: Google Analytics
  • Set up Difficulty: Easy
  • Who is it for?: For anyone who uses Universal Analytics and wants to collect correct data.
  • Created by: DASE Analytics



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