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Premium SEO Ecommerce Dashboard

Premium SEO Ecommerce Dashboard



This premium SEO Ecommerce Dashboard is made for ecommerce website owners that want to gain insight into their SEO performance.

The dashboard provides general traffic statistics,  ecommerce performance overview, landing page performance & search query overview.  The dashboard dedicates a number of sections to reviewing page performance.

Search terms are also displayed in this Google Data Studio template with data pulled from the performance report in Google Search Console to provide further detail into search behaviour and organic visibility.

Time period is customisable and comparisons are set by default to year on year.  it also comes with pre-built filters for filtering by user device and traffic source, for further analysis.

The dashboard features a premium design with custom icons added to make it aesthetically pleasing and professional looking. It’s extremely easy to use, after purchase, simply copy to your account and replace the logo and it is client facing ready.

If you’re looking for a similar version of this template, but designed for a non-ecommerce site, we have our: Premium lead Gen template here

Connections: Google Analytics and Search Console

Set up Difficulty: Easy

Ecommerce Tracking: Yes

Goal Tracking: No

Who is it for?: Designed for webmasters running ecommerce websites looking to get more a website overview and insight into SEO performance


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