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Sales and Shopping Behaviour Ecommerce Report

Sales and Shopping Behaviour Ecommerce Report


The ‘Sales & Shopping Behaviour Dashboard’ will assist any ecommerce website manager to gain more insight into sales behaviour occuring on site. The dashboard is designed for those looking to drill down into sales behaviour and garner more insight then the average report will provide.

The template allows easy filtering with large quick filtering options.  It then goes into detail on buyer shopping performance.  It also uses a custom visualisation to outline the sales funnel for easy viewing. This allows you to understand how users are moving through the funnel.

The report also provides breakdown insight into purchases by: brand, channels, products & devices.

If your running an ecomm site and looking to drill down more into the data, don’t look past this dashboard.

The dashboard is very simple to setup.  One connection with Google Analytics is required.  We have provided detailed instruction on page 2 of the dashboard on how to quickly setup.

  • Connections: Google Analytics Connection Only
  • Set up Difficulty: Easy
  • Ecommerce Tracking: Yes
  • Goal Tracking: No
  • Who is it for?: Managers of ecommerce websites looking for deeper insight into sales and shopping performance


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