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Search Performance In Depth Report

Search Performance In Depth Report

$50.00 or $30.00 / month

monthly $30.00


The ‘Search Performance In Depth Report’ is a highly detailed data studio dashboard.  It contains 12 pages of reporting containing deep dives into search traffic performance.  This includes an indepth review of SEO performance as well as Search advertising (Google Ads) performance.

The first 4 pages provided a general overview of website performance, followed by 4 pages dedicated to SEO and 4 more pages dedicated to PPC.  The report looks at search query performance, page speed, landing page performance and much more.  It also includes sections to include commentary as it has been designed with digital marketing managers in mind, which makes it perfect for reporting to a client.

Over the 12 pages of the dashboard there are a number of different layout options, which makes it perfect also for anyone looking for design options and to be able to use it for their own further customization.

Connections: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console

Set up Difficulty: Medium

Ecommerce Tracking: No

Goal Tracking: No

Who is it for?: Designed for digital marketers specifically interested in Search Campaign Performance

1 review for Search Performance In Depth Report

  1. Lukasz Zelezny (verified owner)

    I like template as its a chance to see how someone else is thinking about the dashboard.
    Personally I am a huge fan of data studio and because of that, I found a very exciting repository as well as very inspirational.

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