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TikTok Via Supermetrics

TikTok Via Supermetrics



This report is suited for advertisers and brands that use Tik Tok for marketing purposes. The report allows you to connect to your Tik Tok account and pull in all of your key data points and make sense of it through a beautiful dashboard.
You are able to see metrics like Cost, Impression, Clicks for each campaign. You can also filter the data to understand which customer devices are performing the best. Key demographic information is also presented such as age, location, gender etc…
Using the dashboard will not only help you report better on the work you are doing, but also find key insights into improving campaigns.


  1. Create an account at Supermetrics by clicking here
  2. Make a copy of the template by first adding it to your cart and checking out. (don’t worry it’s free!)
  3. To select the data source, click “Create new data source”
  4. Search for a connector called “Tik Tok”
Connections: Supermetrics
Set up Difficulty: Easy