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UX and page analysis dashboard

UX and page analysis dashboard

Created By: Mehdi Oudjida



This dashboard template is dedicated to UX & page analysis thanks to simple  Google Analytics data (Universal), common to any website measurement plan.

Select a specific page of your website and enjoy 4 pages of advanced dashboard with a full overview of your page performance:

  • Page metrics trends and drilled down on main dimensions
  • Previous page flow with entrances, page refresh and pages viewed previously
  • Next page flow with exits, page refresh and next viewed pages
  • Interaction rate with click-through rate (CTR) on page, file download rate, form completion rate and other event tracked on your websites

An enhanced and graphic version of navigation summary from Google Analytics interface is directly inside your report.

This template  is also a way to transform raw counters of total events from GA to convenient rates for UX performance follow-up.

As example, think about how you can take advantage of this template for your landing pages?

This template is made for any website owner or agency tracking data on Google Analytics and who must understand the performance of important pages & the related unsuspected users behaviors on them.

It is also an opportunity to get:
– Data Studio examples of advanced & technical features in action
– Best practices and widgets of data visualisation, to reuse in other reports

At last, this Google Data Studio template is easy to install:
copy the template and replace Google Analytics sample data source with yours.