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VS Metrics Ecommerce Dashboard

VS Metrics Ecommerce Dashboard

Created By: Versus Metrics

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The Ecommerce Dashboard is designed for ecommerce managers, analysts and marketers who want to keep track of crucial performance metrics for their ecommerce store.

The dashboard provides a carefully curated set of data and insights, designed to assist you in making the right strategic decisions for the future and also analysing historical performance of the store from a a number of different perspectives.

Most of the metrics used in this report, such as “Ecommerce Conversion Rate” or “Avg. Revenue per Transaction” come from the Enhanced Ecommerce plug-in for Google Analytics.  This enables measurement of user interactions with products on ecommerce websites across the user’s shopping experience.

The dashboard setup is straightforward and any ecommerce store manager should be able to setup quickly and easily

Read more about contents of this performance report in this article.

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