Website Manager Report

Website Manager Report


This report is ideal for website managers to review top level website statistics including traffic, goals devices and a deeper look at SEO and Adwords traffic.

Connections: Google Analytics, Google Adwords

Set up Difficulty: Easy

Ecommerce Tracking: No

Goal Tracking: Yes

2 reviews for Website Manager Report

  1. Fabian G.

    I was searching Google for months to try and find templates for Data Studio. There is very little out there. This site is fantastic, I really hope to see more templates here and I will be using more of them. It saves so much time then making them from scratch myself. I look forward to watching the site grow and seeing more templates become available.

  2. Terry Sutherland

    As a website Manager, I saw this report and knew it would be a great fit. It gives me a great overview of how my site is performing. The design was also pretty good, so all up I’m happy with it.

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