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Woocommerce Orders Dashboard

Woocommerce Orders Dashboard



WooCommerce is the go-to eCommerce platform for WordPress site users. This template uses PMA to connect to live, WooCommerce data and display it in Google Data Studio. 

The template consists of four pages. 

  • Overview
  • Order Details
  • Customer Data
  • Inventory

The overview looks at high-level metrics like the number of items sold, net sales, average order value, and returns. It also gives you a glance at your sales per day, top products, and frequently used coupons. 

Order Details dives deeper into the categories with the most sales, the average order value over time, and more details at a day-by-day basis.

Customer data helps you identify loyal customers and returning users. You’re able to see who spent how much and how often they’re purchasing. 

Finally, the Inventory tab helps you keep track of your products and their availability. 

The dashboard contains detailed instructions about how to connect your WooCommerce data to the template, and you can gain a little more insight into the template, in our blog post: How to connect Woocommerce to Data Studio.


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