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Subscription details

Become a member today and get access to 3 wonderful templates of your choice, setup and managed for you.   Get up and running with 0 hassle, premium level reporting templates for only $30 per month + receive the first month free!

We’ve launched our new subscription product to enable more users to enjoy the benefits of Google Data Studio.  A subscription allows you to enjoy a managed service where we take care of the heavy lifting and ensure that your templates are always running, look great and are easy to access.  The service is ideal for users that don’t require extensive customizations to their templates and don’t need to own the template outright.  This is more like a rented service where convenience is key for you. 

For those that require extensive customization and want to own the template outright you are still able to purchase the templates outright (at a higher cost), however once you buy the templates you are not provided ongoing support as you would be on a subscription plan. 

A subscription with Data Studio is ideal for anyone who wants to get started using Data Studio seamlessly without the hassle of setting up Data Sources and customizing their templates.  It’s also a great product for someone who doesn’t want to have to fix and tinker with dashboards that might break or occasionally have errors, as Data Studio Templates provides support to users on the subscription plans.  


The service is ideal for business owners that want strong visibility and transparency of their website and marketing performance without the hassle of setting up and customizing data sources.  A subscription will also work well for marketing freelancers that have less time on their hands and are managing multiple clients. 

Your subscription is intended to make using Data Studio as seamless as possible.  A subscription provides you the following services for 3 templates of your choice in our subscription tier:


  • Connecting up data sources
  • Adding your company logo to the template
  • Light customization to the dashboard design.
  • Ongoing support
  • Data and template hosting
  • Minimum hassle, maximum use.

After you subscribe, you will receive an email providing you next steps.  These next steps will ask you to add as a user to your data sources an provide logo’s and design changes.  We will then begin connecting up your sources and begin preparing your template.

The setup process can usually be completed in 1 to 2 working days, but we reserve up to 5 working days in case of busy periods.

Yes. You may cancel your subscription at anytime.  Once you cancel, your dashboards will still be available up until the end of your subscription period.  You will not be billed again at the start of the new billing period.