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MailChimp Reporting Dashboard via Google Sheets

MailChimp Reporting Dashboard via Google Sheets



The ‘Mailchimp Dashboard for Google Data Studio’ provides an easy to use and share report of your Mailchimp campaigns account at a glance.

It’s built for anyone that runs campaigns or marketing automation via mailchimp and want an easy to use solution to report on campaigns. This template would work especially well for campaign managers or freelancers that want to provide a report on performance to stake holders. The report works by exporting data from mailchimp into a Google sheet, so it is more suited as a once off reported or less regular review.

We also have an alternative report, that looks the same but connects dynamically into Mailchimp using a 3rd party connector. While this requires a monthly subscription, it saves time and maybe more convenient for ongoing campaigns

The dashboard has 4 sections:

High level stats: this is an overview of account health and performance including open rates and click rates

Conversion Funnel: shows in a funnel format the flow from delivery to click engagement

Subject line performance: A look at which subject lines performed best

Campaign metrics: A deeper look at how each campaign performed

Check out our in-depth guide on how to connect Mailchimp to Google Data Studio via Google Sheets here.

There are also instructions on how to do this included on page 2 of the report, you can see this by clicking the ‘view demo’ button.

Connections: Google Sheets (Mailchimp Data Export)

Set up Difficulty: Medium

Ideal for: Anyone using Mailchimp and looking for a great way to share performance with stakeholders


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